essential COVID-19 Related services 

For 24-Hour Emergency Glass Board-Up Service in Southern California, call 213.268.4691

When a service provider has been around as long as we have, one might assume we could accurately claim to have seen it all.  And to be sure, we’ve seen a lot. From our inception in 1946, we have helped the City of Los Angeles survive devastating earthquakes, the LA Riots, fires, and more. The COVID-19 crisis is an entirely new challenge. We're poised and prepared to provide—in each of our locations—these critical services:

Social distancing partitions

Current safety protocols recommend that people socially distance from one another. We can help enforce social distancing and shield office workers from potential airborne germs by quickly erecting glass partitions between desks in open work environments. We can close off offices that used to open onto shared hallways, keeping workers contained within their own safe air space. 

Hands-free device Installation

Maintain a cleaner environment by installing doors with touch-free opening mechanisms or hands-free push-bars to reduce contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.


An excellent solution for restaurants, retailers, and other businesses traditionally requiring face-to-face exchanges, service ‘pickup’ windows create a safety barrier between vendors and patrons while maintaining conditions for friendly, personal customer service. They can be installed at walkup or drive-through locations.

Preventative security board-up

We usually employ board-up service to seal storefront windows that have already been damaged or broken, but at this time, this service offers preventative measures. Stores full of visible and valuable merchandise are likely to be closed for many months; preemptively boarding windows could be the most effective anti-burglary, anti-vandalism procedure available to owners.

Now is the time

With many employees currently working from home, or staggering time in the office, now is the time to complete such projects, with less traffic to work around.  Cost savings will be a benefit now also by doing this work during normal work hours, and not on weekends, when overtime labor charges would be included.

What changes would you like to implement to make your property or your workers safer at this time? Contact us by phone at 1.800.684.5277 or use the form on this page.